Gadgets That Will Help Keep Your Home Safer This 2014

If there is one thing that a ten- bedroom mansion has in common with a 160-square feet, fifth-floor apartment walk-up, it is the fact that the people that live in it do what they can to protect their home, regardless of how small or huge it is. Don’t think that just because you do not have a lot of expensive things inside your house that thieves would not be tempted; important documents: passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, even online activity are stolen, nowadays we live in an age wherein what you know about someone is more valuable than how much that certain someone is worth. So if you need to make sure that your home is kept secure, you have to learn what security tools that should be on your list of hot buys this 2014.

To begin with, you have to invest in cameras that you can install strategically around your property so you could monitor suspicious activity around your home and be alerted of trespassers. Night vision cameras are among the most popular because you can keep an eye out for trespassers or thieves even in the dark. You should also invest in a real time security DVR so you can watch what the cameras are picking up within the safety of your home. You need to consider buying wireless security cameras since they are easy to hide; easy to install and you need not worry about having a lot of wires giving away that you have a security camera installed around your property. Motion detectors are also very popular as these security systems put another meaning to the word: alarms; with the bright lights that flood throughout your property and loud sounds, no trespasser would dare go within an inch of your property.

Your computer also needs to be protected since most people these days save a lot of sensitive and important information on their PCs and laptops. A common thing to do is to install a reliable anti-virus software on your PC or laptop in order to protect all your data. Choose an internet browser that has an anti-malware and anti-phishing systems so you can keep your online activity protected. Have a spam filter on your email; not only will you get to avoid troublesome emails, you can also avoid being tempted to open them. If you must be away from your home for a few days or more, make sure that you set up remote video surveillance systems that allow you to monitor what’s going on around your property even if you are not there and report any unwanted activity around your home to the proper authority.